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My travelling notebook around the world

Celebrating the Buddhist New Year in Vientiane

During the month that we spent in Thailand, every time we were asked how long we would stay around, we got tired of hearing what a pity we would not be there for Songkran and that we would be already in Laos spending such a significant date. Following the Buddhist calendar, Songkran is the Thai new year and is the biggest festival of the year, where you basically spend several days eating, drinking beer and throwing water at each other. We went with some sorrow to Laos without knowing that Lao culture, language and ethnicity is as similar to Thai...
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Know the unrecognized and brief Banat Republic

If you follow me you will already know my love and extreme curiosity for the unrecognized countries and how the independence of certain territories have been carried out, politically speaking. Although it is true that before I started this trip, I was already very attracted to it, at that moment I did not know too many cases. Since I was living in Romania, I had heard a lot about the special case of Transnistria and had read something about what happened in Nagorno Karabakh, but not much else. In the last year, after having been in these last two countries...
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Interesting facts and curiosities about Myanmar

Myanmar for me was that kind of country you step in without having read too much about it, and you fall in love with each one of the thousand details and curiosities you find along the way. This country captivates you because being west of Southeast Asia bordering the Indian subcontinent and China, and having had so much migration of these last two, represents a great and original mixture of all this. Unfortunately, the country spent many decades closed to the world because of the military government that took command in the 60s, and in recent years has finally begun...
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Camping everywhere in Sri Lanka (Part II)

A few days ago I started telling you how I decided not to pay for sleeping not even one night in the two weeks I spent in Sri Lanka. In the first part, I told how I did it in Negombo, Kandy and Ella. So now let’s continue!   Sleeping among pilgrims Again between train and bus to Dalhousie I arrived very late, past 10 PM and wanted to camp wherever to get some rest, since I had to wake up at 2 AM to climb the Adam’s peak. I started walking towards the peak, hoping that when I left...
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The experience of floating in the Dead Sea… Unbelievable!

Shortly after starting this long adventure, when we took the flight from Turkey to go to Israel, Palestine and Jordan, we had no plan closed but there were a couple of things that we knew beforehand that we had to do no matter what. Petra, Jerusalem and Bethlehem were some of the places we were going to go for sure, but another one that could not be missed was the Dead Sea and check on our own flesh if all that is said about how impossible it is to sink there is true… And not only it is, but the...
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Camping everywhere in Sri Lanka (Part I)

I was in India, deciding where to go to pass the obligation of having to leave the country after the first ninety days to go back and be able to stay another ninety. I was not only looking for a place where to escape a few days, since Eugenia would stay waiting in Pondicherry, but also how expensive this little adventure would become. Once I decided to go to Sri Lanka, I started looking for information and everywhere I found that the accommodation cost much more than I was willing to pay. As it was February, and it was high...
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