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My travelling notebook around the world

Lost in the mountains, lost in the history… Abyaneh

One of the towns we liked the most in Iran was, as is often the case, one of which we had barely no idea that it existed at the beginning of the journey. Although it is quite internationally well known lately, it got us a little by surprise since we arrived without having any kind of expectation. Moreover, we arrived in full Nowruz, the new Persian year, so its streets were full with locals on holidays visiting Abyaneh.   The town of Abyaneh Abyaneh is a small village located in the center of the country about 40 km away from...
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Where to buy and how to activate a SIM card in Iran?

With a country as big as Iran, with 30 days ahead as we had to enjoy it and with the idea of doing it hitchhiking and with tent, we were clear that we had to buy a SIM card to be connected always that we wanted to. We spoke with our Couchsurfer from Tehran and he recommended us Irancell, the one that he had. As a good Iranian, we had not even finished talking that he was already putting on his jacket and saying ‘come on guys, let’s go. I’m going to buy it with you’.   Buying your SIM...
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How to get visa On Arrival for Iran at the airport (2017)

It is well known that for a couple of years it is possible to get the 30-day Iranian visa on the same border or when entering the country by different airports, for most of the countries of the world. But I’ll confess something: every time I have to get a Visa On Arrival I think the worst imagining that they will not be granted it for any reason and there I will stay, left with the desire of discovering that new country. Traveling to Iran, with the hermetic and strict reputation it has, it could not be less obviously. And...
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Interview with Jordi Canal-Soler: travel writer and photographer

Today I am very pleased to start a new section of my blog where I will be interviewing people who inspire me. I do not want to do it only with travelers, but the person invited to speak will make me reflect on totally different topics. In this case, let’s start with a brilliant traveler. Jordi Canal-Soler is a travel writer and photographer, who when you read or listen to, he transmits passion for what he explains and does it with a special ability that makes you transport to the place that is talking to you about. Born and raised...
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The surprising street art of George Town

George Town is that kind of city that catches you from the moment you arrive and you start exploring it. A combination of old colonial buildings with skyscrapers. An ethnic mix that well defines what you will find throughout Malaysia, people of different religions and parts of the world living there. And a street gastronomy that makes many people claim it to be the culinary capital of the country, and others even more daring, of Southeast Asia. So far sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, the best thing for me was something else. That kind of thing that makes you think...
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The most charming towns of the Italian region Romagna

I always say that the best thing about having an Italian girlfriend is the food. Well, I will not retract, you know how I enjoy eating, but it’s also great because during the last years, the fact of going to see her it was also synonymous of being able to continue exploring step by step the wonderful country that is Italy. When we met and she told me that she was from Forlì, I didn’t know much more than what I had seen playing Assassin’s Creed II, where her hometown appears. And when she told me she was Romagnola I...
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Our experience hitchhiking in Palestine

Every time somebody asks me about this big adventure that started almost two years ago, after me saying the list of countries I have been through, and knowing that in the vast majority of them hitchhiking has been the only transport that I have used, all end up asking me the same question: “Palestine, dude? Are you crazy?”. Followed by “So, tell me tell me… How was it!?”. So here you have our experience report of hitchhiking in Palestine, which we had the pleasure of visiting in May 2015.   The experience in numbers – Kilometers covered: 220 km –...
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