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My travelling notebook around the world

Interview with Jordi Canal-Soler: travel writer and photographer

Today I am very pleased to start a new section of my blog where I will be interviewing people who inspire me. I do not want to do it only with travelers, but the person invited to speak will make me reflect on totally different topics. In this case, let’s start with a brilliant traveler. Jordi Canal-Soler is a travel writer and photographer, who when you read or listen to, he transmits passion for what he explains and does it with a special ability that makes you transport to the place that is talking to you about. Born and raised...
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The surprising street art of George Town

George Town is that kind of city that catches you from the moment you arrive and you start exploring it. A combination of old colonial buildings with skyscrapers. An ethnic mix that well defines what you will find throughout Malaysia, people of different religions and parts of the world living there. And a street gastronomy that makes many people claim it to be the culinary capital of the country, and others even more daring, of Southeast Asia. So far sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, the best thing for me was something else. That kind of thing that makes you think...
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The most charming towns of the Italian region Romagna

I always say that the best thing about having an Italian girlfriend is the food. Well, I will not retract, you know how I enjoy eating, but it’s also great because during the last years, the fact of going to see her it was also synonymous of being able to continue exploring step by step the wonderful country that is Italy. When we met and she told me that she was from Forlì, I didn’t know much more than what I had seen playing Assassin’s Creed II, where her hometown appears. And when she told me she was Romagnola I...
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Our experience hitchhiking in Palestine

Every time somebody asks me about this big adventure that started almost two years ago, after me saying the list of countries I have been through, and knowing that in the vast majority of them hitchhiking has been the only transport that I have used, all end up asking me the same question: “Palestine, dude? Are you crazy?”. Followed by “So, tell me tell me… How was it!?”. So here you have our experience report of hitchhiking in Palestine, which we had the pleasure of visiting in May 2015.   The experience in numbers – Kilometers covered: 220 km –...
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Buying and activating a SIM Card in India

After that more than once that I was in a country for several weeks or even several months, I finally regretted not having bought a local SIM card, I decided that in India would not happen the same thing again. While in other countries, the process is as easy as crossing the border or getting to the airport, take a free card with the phone number you like, charge the balance that you think convenient and start calling and using mobile data, in India it was not going to be that easy.   Choosing company In India there are three...
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Celebrating the Buddhist New Year in Vientiane

During the month that we spent in Thailand, every time we were asked how long we would stay around, we got tired of hearing what a pity we would not be there for Songkran and that we would be already in Laos spending such a significant date. Following the Buddhist calendar, Songkran is the Thai new year and is the biggest festival of the year, where you basically spend several days eating, drinking beer and throwing water at each other. We went with some sorrow to Laos without knowing that Lao culture, language and ethnicity is as similar to Thai...
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Know the unrecognized and brief Banat Republic

If you follow me you will already know my love and extreme curiosity for the unrecognized countries and how the independence of certain territories have been carried out, politically speaking. Although it is true that before I started this trip, I was already very attracted to it, at that moment I did not know too many cases. Since I was living in Romania, I had heard a lot about the special case of Transnistria and had read something about what happened in Nagorno Karabakh, but not much else. In the last year, after having been in these last two countries...
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