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About Eugenia

Eugenia Mercuriali. Forlí,1993.

The first time I told Eugenia about this great adventure I had in mind, I knew that not only she would accompany me by several countries, but eventually would end up joining the trip entirely. And so it happened.

Eugenia is an Italian girl who lives for traveling, discovering and photographing. Oh, and for touching as many stray animals as she bumps into at the street. Even if she is only 23 years old, she has already visited many countries in different continents, and has no fear to keep on going to new countries, wherever they are.



She is not only my traveling and life partner, but also provides this blog with some of her photographs, she writes half of the reviews and recommendations, and occasionally even posts. You will know when because it will be signed by her :)

In case you want to follow her, here you have also her Instagram and Flickr accounts.