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Get fresh in the marvelous El Nicho waterfalls

Today I want to talk about another surprise that I had travelling. Surprise in capital letters, I should say.

In this case, I was in the other part of the Atlantic, in Cuba more specifically, backpacking with my cousin. The surprise was not about the kilometric caribbean beaches nor about the colonial houses in the cities, if not more like a natural park called El Nicho.

In the case that I explained already about Essaouira, I was surprised but I was counting already on passing by. In this case the surprise was even bigger because I had never listened about it, and that usually happens, I knew about the place talking with locals in the street who totally recommended us to go.

EL Nicho is a natural park located in the province of Cienfuegos, but just in the middle of the triangle formed by the three cities of Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara.

It’s curious because the montains where it’s located are property of the militars, so there is a control in the entrance where they ask you the passport. To get into a mountain, I repeat.

Once inside you come across a valley and the river Nicho going down through it, creating tons of tributaries and waterfalls, with natural swimming pools on the way.

Going up the mountain we can find an amazing view of the valley and its vegetation. Being already up there we saw we couldn’t go up more but after talking for a while with one of the guards, he let us take a look and we found some caves full of stalactites a little before we reach the top and the birth of the river Nicho up there.

In order to finish, just say that due to it is not so known we were all the day almost alone. Without listening nothing or nobody. If we add that is totally permitted to take baths in the zones with sitting water or in little waterfalls, and that this mountain cold water can suddenly take from you the heat caused by the continuos cuban sun, it is totally needed to stay one day there just chilling if you pass by close to it.
Me, when I come back to Cuba, for sure I will repeat.

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