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Georgian flag

Capital: Tbilisi
Currency: Georgian Lari (GEL)

Population (2014): 3,729,635
Area: 69,420 km2

Language: Georgian
Main religion: Georgian Orthodox Church

Georgian facts & trivia

Find here some of the facts and trivia I liked the most about this little but so interesting country from the Caucasus!   Georgian language The Georgian is a totally different language from the major ones surrounding it: Russian, Turkish,...
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The culinary marvel of Georgia: Khinkali

Know the famous and delicious Georgian khinkali, a typical dumpling eaten all over the country and quite often!   Real name: ხინკალი (In georgian alphabet) Country of origin: Georgia Regions: Pshavi, Mtiuleti & Khevsureti   Ingredients: Flour and water dough...
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