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Where are you now, Jordi? Better question would be right now: Where was I?

A little more than one month ago, the night of February 16th more specifically, I was in my parents’ house filling a 50 Liters backpack without knowing exactly where I would bring it. Why? Because I had just left everything behind with an idea that was following me years ago but I could never find the perfect moment to carry out: Go abroad with my backpack for a year.

Being the case that I was living in Romania, days before I had left behind my apartment, my job, I had sold part of my belongings, given many others and sent the rest packed up to my parents’ house. I flew to Barcelona, I let out the big news between family and friends, and I took a flight to Morocco, where my adventure would begin.

This brings me back to that night of four weeks ago… How do you fill a backpack when you don’t know how long you will travel and not even the countries you will step in exactly? Well, so I decided I would be going mostly to warm countries (or at least not that cold!) and I decided that during the first months I would finish Eastern Europe, getting into Middle East right after that to finish in Southeast Asia. But I’ve not wanted to get into much more detail than this, because after all, the best trips that I ever did were always planning every night where I would go the morning after.

And here comes the idea of creating a blog. Because travelling like this, I get to meet incredible people with whom I have amazing experiences at the same time that I see places that leave me open-mouthed. I do not pretend to monitor myself day by day saying where I am or what I’m doing, if not that it will be more like writing here what otherwise I would destroy my fingers WhatsApping excited my close people, either about a city that surprised me or about local food I felt in love with or about the kind of experience that one can never forget.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy reading this as much as I will writing it, that I can assure you, will be a lot.

Wish me luck, safe travels and let’s keep on travelling the world, shall we? :)