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My travelling notebook around the world

How to survive a train in unreserved class in India

As you probably know, in India we took a little break from hitchhiking. On the one hand we thought that the country was huge and that we wanted to see as much as we could of it, on the other hand, we had already hitched more than 20,000 kilometers and we wanted to oxygenate ourselves a bit and finally because we also wanted to experience the favorite public transport of the Indians: the train. After having been traveling India for more than three and a half months from north to south with buses and trains, trying to save the most...
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Trekking guide from Altyn Arashan to Ala Kol: Happy, even if we couldn’t finish it!

There are some days that you wake up full of energy and everything that you have in mind seems so possible. And the day of this trekking was definitely one of them. The afternoon before we had walked quite easily all the way from Aksuu until Altyn Arashan, a charming valley not so far from Karakol, famous for its hot springs and astonishing landscapes. That first trek was 15 kilometers long and not too steep. We arrived in Altyn Arashan that was almost totally dark just on time to pitch the tent, eat something fast and go to sleep at...
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How to cook Central Asian plov (recipe from Tajikistan)

If you have been around Central Asia, you will already know that the most famous and eaten dish in the area is, by far, plov. Many people claim it to be Uzbek, while others say it’s simply Central Asian, but everybody agrees that in every country, city and even family it’s cooked in a different and personal way. In the last four months traveling in this region, we ate plov countless times. And, many other times being hosted by locals they proposed to cook it all together and even though we were really interested in the preparation, we never had...
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Important things to know before travelling to Uzbekistan (2017)

Out of the most accessible Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan is still the one that makes you feel more controlled. While in its neighbors you don’t need to register anymore, you can just go and stay wherever you want, etc, in Uzbekistan there are still many things you just can’t simply do. As new laws appear, these things change. So these are the top 4 things I think it’s really important for you to know before traveling to Uzbekistan, as of 2017.   1. Night registrations If you like traveling totally on your own or even more, hitchhiking and wild-camping, as...
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How to get a visa for Uzbekistan at the embassy of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The truth is that at the beginning of the year, when thinking that sooner or later we would end up getting to the stans, we were glad to know that the visas of that area were becoming more flexible, in particular the one of Uzbekistan, which was supposed to go from being one of the relatively difficult ones to give away 30 days of free visa for many countries, as was stated in a law at the end of 2016. However, a few months ago that proposal was postponed until 2021! So yes, in the end we have had to...
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Farsi survival dictionary: the language guide you will need to travel around Iran

Planning a trip to Iran? Well, there is something you should know and is that all the people that you meet will be really happy that you visit their country and would love to speak with you, but since they don’t speak much English, they will not be able to do so. That’s why I started this helpful survival dictionary, that allowed us and will allow you not to miss out on one of the best parts of Iran: its people. So as I did already other times with other languages, here I bring you the most used and useful...
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Wild wonderful nature in Almaty province

We heard great things about the province of Almaty and we have to say that not only we were not disappointed, but actually amazed. In the city itself, besides a couple of churches, some parks and markets where to walk around, there is not much to see. What it is indeed very impressive and interesting to explore are all the natural places that surround it. So many different landscapes, from high mountains to flat lands and from lakes to canyons. So make the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, your base for one week or more and move around the province...
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