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Baan Junshine


City Sukhothai
Country Thailand
Address 169/9 Muang Kao
The new restaurant in the old city of Sokhuthai, that totally conquered us, with the original combination of its flavors and the congeniality of the chef, is Baan Junshine.

Despite it’s been opened for less than three months now, the kitchen, the atmosphere and the staff work like they have been doing it for many years, and makes sense, after all they all are professionals who have been in the sector for long time.

The place is elegant, but not too formal, and we found it to be the perfect restaurant where to share a meal in company of your family, your enterprise colleagues or to have a romantic dinner with your partner.

As we usually do, we spoke a little with the chef and we asked him to surprise us and he definitely did it, introducing us to his cuisine. All the courses that we tasted were simply stunning. We began with Tom Yum Kung, a marvelous soup of coconut and shrimps, and we continued with a papaya salad and pork spare ribs, cooked in their special junshine way. After came the dessert, the best mango with sweet sticky rice we ever tried in Thailand. It was so delicious that even if you are already full, you will not be able to stop eating it until the plate is totally clean.

Clearly Baan Junshine is the ideal restaurant for those who want to try the flavour of traditional Thailand, fantastically mixed with the touch of modernity and authenticity of the chef, who spent nineteen years working as a chef in seven different countries with different cuisines, what gave him the personality and courage to add some foreign elements and cooking ways to thai traditional cuisine, giving birth to what Ban Junshine is right now: the paradigm of innovative thai food.