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Bugs Café


City Siem Reap
Country Cambodia
Address Angkor Night Market
Telephone (+855) 17 764 560
E-mail bugscafesr@gmail.com

As you know, trying insects while being in Southeast Asia is definitely a must. You might feel repulsed by the ones sold on the street stalls, so for this reason we highly recommend passing by Bugs Café and give them a try.

It’s the best place where to have your first insect-eating experience, since everything regarding cleanliness and hygiene is really taken care of. Moreover, the polished combination with the other ingredients make them more appetizing and tasty. Of course, the bugs are the stars of the dishes that you will be eating here, but you can also order them in the variant without them.

Being honest we never thought we would be able to eat insects and we got surprised when at the end of our dinner there was nothing left in the plate. Believe us, after you pass the first visual impact that hold you back and you take the first bite, it will look less weirder and will be fun to discover these new flavors.

The dishes served are created combining nine different kinds of insects, as ants, tarantulas, grasshoppers, etc. All of them captured on Cambodian territory. In order to try different preparations and more kind of bugs, we suggest to order the discovery platter, suitable for one or two people (or for three or four on the bigger one).

Ordering this course you will have the chance to eat around five kinds of insects all cooked in a so original way. You will have two wild spring rolls and a feuilletés with ants, probably the less shocking preparations of all the plate. A nice tarantula donut or samosa, as suits better your palate. A silk worm and cricket wok with the possibility to choose the seasoning between four types. This last one was Eugenia’s favorite! And to conclude the insect skewer, absolutely the most scary of the plate.

So, leave your prejudices behind and go to Bugs Café for an original and for sure different dining experience of the local and traditional Cambodian cuisine.