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Diamond Ring Pure Veg Indian Restaurant


City Mandalay
Country Myanmar
Address No. 117 35street, Between 75 & 76th
Telephone (+95) 95195494
E-mail knlkedia823@gmail.com

It’s curious to see how sometimes roots get stuck to families even after passing many many years outside of their native country. This is what happened exactly to the family running Diamond Ring Pure, who have been in Mandalay for the last 130 years. Even if five generations passed, they still live like if they would have never moved out of their beautiful Rajasthan.

During our stay in Mandalay we had the pleasure of meeting them and trying their cuisine. We started, of course, with samosas. After we tried a dish that we never had before: Dahi puri. It’s like Pani puri, but it’s dipped in yogurt.

Even if they started just as sweet shop, nowadays they have a vast menu with different main dishes coming mostly from the Punjab cuisine and south Indian tradition. We had Panter Mattar, cauliflower mattar masala and dhal makini, everything of course accompanied with butter naan. God, how we missed eating with the hands, just grabbing a piece of naan and dunking it into the spicy sauces.

To drink we decided, of course, to order the most classic preparations from India: masala chai and lassi!

All the tastes look so indian because not only are cooked in the old traditional way by Indian chefs, but also because most of the products that they use are directly imported from India, like the masalas, dry fruits, etc. And moreover they do by themselves all the sauces and the dairy products, as paneer and yogurt.