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Eden Eco Village


City Kampot
Country Cambodia
Telephone (+855) 974 836 369
E-mail banteaysreyproject@gmail.com
If you want to disconnect totally from the city and just enjoy the countryside of Cambodia, the best place that you can choose in the surrounding area of Kampot is Eden Eco Village.

Located about 5 kilometers away from the city center, it’s the perfect resort where to chill few days in complete contact with the nature following the Khmer lifestyle.

With the free bikes, that are available at the reception, you will have the possibility to discover easily the villages nearby or reach the city center, but don’t forget to bring with you a flashlight because right after the sunset the road will be completely dark.

Being an Eco Village, Eden is powered by solar energy and the toilet has been constructed as a big composter, to make fertilizer. Moreover, in the backyard they have their own vegetables, herbs garden and also their own chickens; in this way at Eden they always have fresh and organic food to serve to their clients.

The menu proposed is simply delicious; of course between all the different courses we recommend you to try the traditional Khmer ones, such as Amok or Loc Lac, no words can describe how tasty they were!

With the bungalows constructed directly on the river bank, any time that you wish, you can just jump from your bed to the water for a refreshing bath, or if you prefer just swing on the hammock listening the sounds of the nature around.