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George’s Rhumerie & Restaurant


City Siem Reap
Country Cambodia
Address Georges Lane
Telephone (+855) 968 61 74 48
E-mail s.fevrier9@laposte.net
All the way from Reunion Island, George with the help of his son Sebastienne, brought to Cambodia the tradition of homemade rum, combined with the French Creole cuisine.

We have to say that it was our first time in a rhumerie and we got out a little tipsy, but unquestionably it was such a great evening.

They produce already ten different flavors of rum, such as coconut, mango, ginger, passion fruit, etc… with new ones on the way. The rum is not only served as a shot, but for those who don’t like the strong taste of the pure alcohol, they will be able to taste it well combined with other flavors in the cocktails available or also mixed in some of the dishes.

At Georges, besides the rum, they try to produce by themselves the ingredients that are using in their preparations. Speaking about this, between the starters you should definitely choose fromage confiture, having in that way the chance to taste their six delicious homemade jams. Moreover if you like them, at the end of your dinner, you can buy the kind that you preferred, an original idea also for a souvenir to bring home to remember the trip.

Another homemade product that you must absolutely order for your dinner are the sausages, it’s finger-licking. We tried the ones cooked in Creole sauce, without doubt our meal’s highlight, moreover combining it with this three different chutneys: papaya, mango and pineapple, that they will serve to you.

The atmosphere is relaxed and familiar, and the staff and both chefs take care of every little detail and any need the clients may have. Also when they are not too busy, they are happy to spend their time in company of the guests.