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City Shymkent
Country Kazakhstan
Address 17, Zheltoksan St.
Telephone +7 725 261 0101
E-mail shymkent@rixos.com
In the first and only 5-star hotel in Shymkent there is the amazing restaurant Kazakhasia. This, as its name may already indicate, is based on Kazakh and in general Asian food.

Every morning there is a buffet breakfast opened also to non-guests of the hotel, and during the afternoon from Monday to Friday there is a Business Buffet, which starts at 12.30 and lasts until 15.00.

Although in the Business Buffet there is always a part of the food that doesn’t change, every day it specializes in a kind of cuisine. Monday is the day of Kazakh national cuisine. On Tuesday is the turn of Asian cuisine in general. Wednesday there is Turkish food. Thursday is the exception and you will find all kinds of Italian food. Finally, Friday is the day of the barbecue so you will find a lot of different kinds of meat. Apart from the buffet, there is also an a-la-carte menu that you can use either for lunch or dinner.

In our case, we tried the buffet at lunch on a Friday and we have to say that we were very pleasantly surprised not only by the quality but also by the quantity and diversity of the food. The main dishes where meat-based, rolls of chicken, which ended up being my favorite, kofte with tomato sauce, chicken noodles and as well there was fish, and all of the plates were really nice. Don’t worry if you are vegetarian because there are still various options, as roasted potato, grilled vegetables, rice and big variety of salads starting from the classic one to the Korean singular one. Any taste can be pleased with this buffet.

In the price there are also included as many drinks as you want as long as they are water, juices or tea. If you are one of those people who cannot have a meal without a glass of wine, you will be glad to know that they also have a wide selection of wines to choose from, although obviously you will have to pay it separately.

To conclude your meal, if you still have some space, you will also find a big counter full of different types of sweets, cakes and fruits. Just be fast to pick your favorite, before it finishes!

Definitely, the kitchen of Kazakhasia took us by surprise and captivated us from beginning to end. Moreover the atmosphere is relaxed and with good music, and the price of the Business Buffet is unbelievable, since it costs only 3.500KZT (10 €).

June 2017