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Lovely Pizza


City Karakol
Country Kyrgyzstan
Address 125, Moskovskaya St.
Telephone +996 553 597 555
The first restaurant in town to introduce a foreigner dish in their menu and to make it the highlight of it.

The pizza was almost not known in Karakol, but step by step they made their way in and became a quite popular restaurant between tourists and locals as well.

Of course, you shouldn’t get there expecting an Italian pizza, but if you are looking for the Kyrgyz version of it, you will be surprisingly pleased. The owner of the place learned how to do it in her career in an international restaurant and brought it with success to her hometown.

The dough is homemade and the ingredients that are used for the topping are fresh. Personally, I was positively surprised about the cheese used on the pizza. If you are lazy to move from your hotel as well you can ask for home delivery and if you order more than one pizza there will not be any additional charge.

On the other hand, if you decide to go to the restaurant you will find it right in the center of Karakol next to the park. They have places to eat inside even if it’s not so big, but don’t worry if you are a big group because there are also plenty of tables outside. The atmosphere of the place is so familiar that is like to be dining at home due to the staff that is, never better said, lovely.

July 2017