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Mero’s Bed & Breakfast


City Khiva
Country Uzbekistan
Address A.Boltaeva Str 57, Ichan-Qala
Telephone +998 94 315 37 00
E-mail meroskhiva@gmail.com
Do you know when you feel like home but you are really far from it? Well, that’s exactly how we felt staying in Meros B&B.

Taking place in a tradional house constructed by the father of the two brothers that run it now, you will find it in the heart of the old town of this precious town of Uzbekistan. Meros B&B was one of the first house opening its doors to the foreigners visiting Khiva and after already thirteen years of activities, still managed to conserve its familiar and traditional atmosphere.

The guesthouse is located right next to the mud walls surrounding the city, near by the western gate. At the first floor, there is the reception and the dining room with a large table and handmade wooden chairs. Here is where you will have the complimentary breakfast in the morning, which is homemade and includes different dishes as cheese, bread, eggs, fruits. Of course accompanied by tea or coffee, that is available on request all day long.

Upstairs after passing a reading corner you will find the rooms. To maintain a cozy and familiar environment they decided to keep just the original seven rooms. All of them are so charming since the ceilings, as in all the rest of property, are decorated in the old way, with bright colors and detailed pattterns, by the family itself. In fact, the father is master of pattern design and restoration and every winter with the help of other masters work on the ceilings to renew them.

All the rooms have AC, en-suite bathroom and a good view of the city. In case you don’t have a terrace don’t worry because you can have a lovely panorama on Khiva’s Ichan-Qala from the rooftop of the guesthouse. Here, especially during sunset or sunrise time, you will have the opportunity to shoot some amazing pictures of the city, and also if you require a special dinner can be served there.

August 2017