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City Bangkok
Country Thailand
Address 19 Sukhumvit Soi 18
Telephone (+66) 2 261 7100
E-mail mexicano@rembrandtbkk.com

If you are in Bangkok and would like to enjoy a real and tasty Mexican dinner, you should definitely reserve a table at Mexicano restaurant, situated at Rembrandt Hotel in the busy neighbourhood of Sukhumvit.

All the atmosphere created, from the characteristic flavours, the taste of the drinks until the sound of the music, will bring you for a night to Mexico. Definitely we had a great dinner, moreover for the delicious food.

Right after we sat down, while waiting the order, they brought us some nachos with red and green sauces. So known and always appetizing Mexican snack!

As starter, we had another classic: the guacamole en malachite. The best thing is that they prepare the guacamole at tableside, so this way you have the possibility to try it and they can adjust the seasoning to your taste. With it, we had also tuna combined with avocado and red onion. I personally found it amazing, so refreshing taste.

No less were the main courses, the pulpo a la diabla was supertasty, in particular the gravy all around was so flavourful. Dunking the octopus and the potatoes in it was simply finger-licking! Also the tacos de milanesa de la calle were so good and even better together with a Mexican branded beer, Auber Ale.

Important to know is that even if you are vegetarian you don’t have renounce this wonderful opportunity to try the Mexican cuisine. In fact the young, but great, Mexican chef will be glad to do the dish that you choose in a vegetarian way.

Also for the after-dinner can be a great place where to stop by, since everyday except Monday they have live Mexican music that you can enjoy, drinking maybe a tequila. Or eating a dessert like the pastel de 3 leches, great also for the not so sweet-tooth, since is not too sweet.