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Nancy’s Kitchen


City Melaka
Country Malaysia
Address 13, Jalan KL 3/8
Telephone (+60) 6-283 6099
E-mail eat@nancyskit.com

Malaysia is a big mix of cultures and consequently of cuisines too. One of the most known cuisines is the so-called Baba Nyonya, which is a combination of Malay and Chinese flavours.

If you are visiting Melaka you can have a taste of this characteristic cuisine at Nancy’s Kitchen. But here you will be able to taste also recipes that take inspiration from Indonesian food, due to the origin of the chef’s grandmother, and Indian cultures. Definitely a restaurant that can offer you a complete view of the country’s culinary culture.

Nancy opened the first restaurant about 17 years ago, without any professional cooking experience, just with what she had learned from observing and helping her grandmother. Last year she changed the location of her business, in order to have more space for the clients, and even now that is a little bit more outside of the center is so frequented, moreover by European, Japanese and Australian tourists.

The menu is so vast, but on advice of the chef we had a taste of different kinds of meat dishes. Three of them were curries and even if to our eyes they could look almost the same, the tastes and flavours were completely different and unique.

Among them all, Jordi’s favourite was the pork ribs with black nut, a plate of Indonesian origin. About me I preferred the most different between all, the duck rib in coriander, because of the intense flavour due to the marination of the meat and the spices that is cooked with.

On the other hand, you will find also many salads, always great to combine with the other dishes to refresh a little your mouth. We had the four angle bean one and it was nice.

If you loved any of the dishes that you tried, you will be glad to know that a couple of times a week, upstairs the chef Nancy gives cooking class where you can learn how to make her recipes.