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Osh Guesthouse


City Osh
Country Kyrgyzstan
Address Masalieva st. Ap. 8, fl. 52
Telephone +996 772 37 23 11
E-mail oshguesthouse@gmail.com
Osh guesthouse is located near the center of the same named city, in Kyrgyzstan, just a few steps away from the main bazaar.

The rhythm in the guesthouse is quite frenetic since the city of Osh is near to the border crossing with Uzbekistan and there are always a lot of travelers passing by. Some of them just for a quick stop and others stay a little longer to plan the next destination.

There are different kinds of accommodation available starting from dorms, with AC or fans, to private rooms and even private apartments. In all cases in the morning breakfast is included. We can say that is a really complete one, always there is bread with jam and depending on the day there will be eggs, crepes or cake, and of course coffee and tea that, by the way, are all day long available.

The breakfast is served in the garden of the main part of the guesthouse where there are few tables and a couple of topchan where you can relax, meeting and speaking with the other guests. For the other meals, there are kitchens that you can use to cook something by yourself and markets to buy food are really close by.

If you are planning to go hiking in the mountains they can rent you equipment and on the other hand, if you are at the end of your trip and you don’t need anymore your camping gears they are open to buying it from you.

Tours, car and bike rental and taxi arrangement are also available just ask about to one of the guys working in the guesthouse, also to help you out to organize some transportation with some of the other guests going on your same way.

July 2017