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Pizza Di Rocco


City Abu Dhabi
Country United Arab Emirates
Address Al Salam Street
Telephone +971 2 885 3222
E-mail enquiries@pizzadirocco.com

Quality rather than quantity! This is the motto of Peter, the owner of the restaurant Pizza di Rocco, and he definitely follows it. Fresh and good basic ingredients and a few plates, but well executed, are the reasons that make this a good restaurant.

The name of the restaurant was born four years ago along with his first son, Rocco, and from there the business started. In the beginning, it was working just as delivery service, but with the great success that has been having, nowadays there are two restaurants already and a new one is opening soon.

We found the local, even if not so big, very cosy and with a nice atmosphere, due to the nice and professional staff and also thanks to the Italian music playing in the background, personally chosen by the owner.

But now let’s get to the important part: the food. I have to say that as Italian I was positively surprised about the flavors and the taste of the dishes that we tried, moreover of the pizza.

The main ingredients, imported directly from Italy, for sure give a big hand to the taste, but what I really appreciated was the size, finally a normal-sized pizza! And as well the crust, crispy but not dry. Of course about the topping everyone has his own taste, so just pick one from the classics, their signature ones or create a new one choosing by yourself the ingredients. And buon appetito!

Beside pizza, that is their highlight, they also prepare some starters, desserts and lasagna. They told us that the dressing, sauces and oils are homemade, and you can definitely feel it, as in the entrance of the meal that they brought us homemade garlic bread accompanied with pesto, garlic oil and grana. Really finger-licking!

Flavorful taste had also the insalata di Rocco, moreover for the dressing and the cheese. Finally the bruschetta, personally I prefer the bread a little more toasted, but in both of the courses we could feel the freshness and high quality of the ingredients and the care in the preparation.

To conclude you can try also one of their homemade desserts as the classic tiramisù, brownie or cake combined with an Italian espresso. A great and glutton way to end a delicious meal at Pizza di Rocco.

April 2017