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Sanfran Burger & Beer


City Chiang Rai
Country Thailand
Address Thanon Baanpa Pragarn Road
What can go wrong if you hang out with your best friends drinking beer and trying to solve the world? In the worst case, you get some good laughter and spend a good evening, and in the best one, as happened to the young guys from Sanfran, you will get to imagine the idea of creating the best burger all over Thailand.

They had the concept very clear from the start: to buy a caravan and sell burgers and beer. As simple as appetizing. The idea and the business grew with time and now just over a year later, they have already placed several tables in front of the caravan and a counter to cater to more customers. Not only that, but other people have opened two businesses of the same kind next to them. They are setting the trend.

The atmosphere could not be better: you can enjoy your burger sitting outdoors, accompanied by very good music. For the burger you have two options, you can ask beef or pork and it’s always served with fries and different sauces. We also saw that there was the possibility of ordering double burger… And we could not resist it, so we ordered a double pork and a double beef and we could not get any fuller!