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Street Pizza


Dream big and work hard to realize it, in the end always pays off and this is exactly the case of Street Pizza.

From what was a simply kiosk at the balloons festival, after eight years and a lot of work behind it, the young and so friendly couple that own it, made it to become a successful restaurant and wine house in the center of Chiang Mai.

The place is decorated in a rustic and simple way, and characterized by a pretty terrace, a cosy atmosphere and a nice staff. Situated in the street next to the night market is the perfect stop for a pleasant and amiable meal with your friends, before getting lost between the thousands of street stalls.

The highlight of the menu are certainly the delicious pizzas, Italian tasting, but with the mark of thai flavour. There are different kinds from the classics as margherita until the more innovative like the chiangmai style and the sweet ones. Moreover for the more greedy, when ordering a 12″ pizza there is the possibility to choose two kinds and get half pizza of each one.

If you would like to have a chilling night with a glass of wine, good food and music, Street Pizza is your place because three days per week your stay will be accompanied by the sound of live music (Smooth pop on Tuesday, violin and guitar on Thursday and american country on Sunday), so just pick the day with your favorite kind of music, enjoy your meal and don’t forget to leave a note on the wall before you go!