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Tent Hostel


City Karakol
Country Kyrgyzstan
Address 4, Kydyr Ake St.
Telephone (+996) 773 303 333
E-mail tenthostel@gmail.com
In this long trip, we pitched the tent in countless places but we would never have thought to end up sleeping inside one of them under the roof of a hostel, and so it happened in Karakol.

Tent hostel revolutionizes the concept that we have of traditional hostel. The idea is: if when we are camping we do not need more space than our tent itself to feel comfortable, why could not it be the same being under a shared roof?

Following this premise, in the hostel there is a large main room with 7 tents for two people and 3 other tents for three. Apart, there is a small loft with enough space for a tent of three and a small table. The price is the same than any of the other of three people, so if it’s free, take this one. So we did and it gave us a feeling of having a private room.

When a month ago Eldar, the owner, opened this hostel, had in mind for the guests to spend most of their time in the common areas. That’s why there is a spacious dining room joint to a kitchen with a stove, microwave and fridge, and several tables to eat. On the other side, there are armchairs with a very large flat screen TV and a Playstation3, with different kind of games.

The bathrooms and showers, which are separated by gender, are brand new and although there are not too many, they are very spacious.

The whole hostel is decorated by the same owner in a simple but cozy way. Nevertheless, being so new, there is still work to be done and details are gradually refined and new areas are planned to be added in the near future.

Finally, if while in Karakol your idea is to go trekking around but you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent it all right there in Tent Hostel.

July 2017