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Veronica’s Kitchen


City Kampot
Country Cambodia
Address Riverside (St.), Old Market
Telephone (+855) 13 900 016
E-mail kongsovandy@yahoo.com

In the very center of Kampot, you will encounter a graceful restaurant with a misleading name. This is Veronica’s kitchen. As us, you may think that it’s named after the chef or even the owner, but actually is in honor of the mother of a friend of the owners. Ask them to tell you the story behind it, they will do it gladly.

The restaurant is a great place to spend a delicious evening. The atmosphere is familiar and informal, and the staff is so easy-going and friendly, that probably during your dinner you will exchange with them more than just formalities. So just make yourself confortable and enjoy the real Cambodian cuisine.

All the food served is fresh and local. The courses that we tried were so good, starting with sach muon: meat skewer perfectly roasted and seasoned, ready to be dunk in the sauce. Between the main dishes that we tried the one that we liked the most was Bunchao, a traditional Khmer preparation made up with a rice flour crepe with inside chopped meat and combined with fresh herbs and a spicy sauce. Even if it’s still not on the menu, if you would like to order it, they will prepare it for you. And in order to fulfill the dining experience, do not forget to ask your waiter the traditional way to eat it. Sure thing it will be fun!

Finally, it’s beautiful to realize that this restaurant is the achievement of the dream of the young couple that own it. After many years both working in the sector of gastronomy, they decided to start this business by themselves. Now, three years later, we have to say that has definitely been a successful idea.