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Ziyafet Steak House


City Almaty
Country Kazakhstan
Address 172, Zheltoksan Str.
Telephone +7 777 404 33 33
E-mail ziyafetsteak@gmail.com
If, as we are, you are a meat eater and also a Turkish food lover, Ziyafet is definitely the place to go while being in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Ziyafet is a restaurant that opened a couple of years ago, following the success of its older brother in Baku six years before. Located in the very center of the city, it is a classy but relaxed place where to eat, play backgammon, smoke water pipe or just chill with a good cup of tea.

We had the pleasure to try many dishes from the menu, and we have to say that the experience was outstanding.

Starting by the salads and appetizers. Fresh and tasty, to eat while waiting for the specialty of the house: the meat.

We had some grilled beef medallions, lamb chops and kofte, all of them cooked right in the perfect point and well presented. However, the best for us, was actually none of these but the baked beef. This is slowly cooked in the oven during eight hours and served with pure and a slice of bread dunk with the meat sauce. The beef was extremely tasty and was so soft that was just melting in our mouths.

Our table was reserved in the terrace outside. Even if later in the evening it got a cooler, they provided us with blankets to get warm while we kept on eating. And as well, it helped combining our dining with a good Kazakh red wine.

To conclude our meal, as couldn’t be otherwise, we had some Turkish hot tea accompanied with homemade desserts, like baklava and havuç dilimi with ice cream.

The good atmosphere in the restaurant is not only created by its original and beautiful interior design, but also by the kind workers, who are professional and multilingual, and specially the owner Dr Kaya, who will try and make your dining even more pleasant.

June 2017