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Fast Food

Mishrimal sweet shop

One of the most known indian sweet is Lassi, you can find it everywhere all over India, but the best one I...
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Shahi Samosa Arora Namkeen

Street food in India is a must and one of the most popular is samosa and in every corner you can find...
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Special Tibetan And Chinese Food

Back in Shimla, right in the small street next to the Christ Church, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get great Chinese...
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Georgian Bread

Oven-baked bread in Georgia is awesome anywhere so it is advisable to buy it wherever across the country, but I write this...
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Royal Burger

I know it’s kind of weird to be in a Balkan country and recommend a simple burger, but I do not exaggerate...
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Dal Moro’s – Fresh Pasta To Go

While in the Carnival of Venice with my girlfriend, walking through the labyrinthine streets of this city, we found this place. Dal...
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Spending a weekend in Skopje visiting a friend, we went out at night and going back home she told me we had...
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