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Kapsula Hotel

Have you ever tried a capsule hotel? As most probably you will know, it consists on adapting the concept of a hotel...
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Yeti Hostel

Looking for a brand new hostel to stay in Dushanbe? Definitely check out Yeti Hostel because this may be the one you...
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Art Hostel

With beautiful, original and colorful decorations, you will find Art Hostel in the new part of Tashkent. The hostel is just a...
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Tent Hostel

In this long trip, we pitched the tent in countless places but we would never have thought to end up sleeping inside...
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Sun House Hostel

In the outskirts of the town of Karakol, there is Sun House Hostel. To reach it you can either take a marshrutka,...
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West Point Hostel

Located near Sairan metro station in the city of Almaty there is West Point Hostel, a brand new business started by two...
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Badgir Hostel

Welcome to Badgir Hostel that actually means ‘wind tower’, taking inspiration from the city where is located, Yazd. That as they told...
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5Footway.Inn Project Boat Quay

All over Singapore there is a hostel chain growing and growing. Its name is 5Footway.Inn and while we cannot tell you about...
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D Hostel

Hostel easy to recognize, moreover at night, due to the unusual but surely original facade illumination. You will find D Hostel in...
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Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

The first thing you need to know is that this is not at all a party hostel, but a calm and chilling...
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