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Local Food

Sabaidee Thakhek

While being in Thakhek looking for some relax, you should definitely pass by Sabaidee Thakhek. This is a new place in town...
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Taste From Heaven

In Chiang Mai right inside the wall of the old city, you can find this restaurant named Taste From Heaven. Even if...
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Baan Junshine

The new restaurant in the old city of Sokhuthai, that totally conquered us, with the original combination of its flavors and the...
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Baan Ice

Ice Baan is the kind of place that you find on your way somewhere and you get inside just because of the...
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Hello Guesthouse

Being in Bangkok we stayed in this hostel located in the heart of the Thai capital. There are rooms for all kinds...
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Pupil Food Court

Walking through the outskirts of Chennai, close to Elliot beach, we found this fast food restaurant, where we ate a delicious vegetable...
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About to go to Kandy, I went with a couple of travelers who I had spent a couple of days camping on...
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Golden Caffé

Walking through the beautiful city of Kandy I could see, as they had already told me, that the prices were shot up....
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Barcelona is an expensive city to live or to travel to, but places like this really help our pockets to keep on...
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Al Habib

When one travels several months in India, almost always ends up becoming a vegetarian, basically because is what you see daily. Usually,...
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