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Local Food

Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia

In Jaisalmer there is a sweet that you can’t find in any other place in India. Its name is Gothua, a little...
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Rathore Restaurant

I think that the best way to judge a restaurant is tasting the simpler food that they can have, so being in...
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Mishrimal sweet shop

One of the most known indian sweet is Lassi, you can find it everywhere all over India, but the best one I...
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Shahi Samosa Arora Namkeen

Street food in India is a must and one of the most popular is samosa and in every corner you can find...
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Special Tibetan And Chinese Food

Back in Shimla, right in the small street next to the Christ Church, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get great Chinese...
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Kalimpong Restaurant

Being at Dharamsala, where indian and tibetan cultures mix up, you have the possibility to taste great new meals. In particular, in...
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Puzata Hata

Enjoying the beautiful city of Lviv, I asked some locals for a good and cheap place with local food and they sent...
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KM 0

When I was living and working in Romania I discovered with my colleagues this place. It’s right in the heart of the...
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Yiğit Lokantası

Being in Marmaris I was lucky that the Couchsurfer that hosted me recommended me this place since I can say, without counting...
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Dal Moro’s – Fresh Pasta To Go

While in the Carnival of Venice with my girlfriend, walking through the labyrinthine streets of this city, we found this place. Dal...
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