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La Marsu

During my stay in the most known & amazing beaches of Senegal, Cap Skirring, I had the pleasure of staying at La...
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Tiflis Restaurant

Tiflis restaurant opened its doors many years ago, to be more accurate exactly seventeen, and as the name suggests is specialized in...
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Taj Restaurant

Taj restaurant is characterized by an intimate and familiar atmosphere, that combined with the research and the care to the details in...
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Anhor AS

Looking for some real national food in the capital of Uzbekistan? While being in Tashkent, we had the pleasure to try it...
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Lovely Pizza

The first restaurant in town to introduce a foreigner dish in their menu and to make it the highlight of it. The...
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Ethno Cafe Dastorkon

Welcome to Dastorkon cafe where you will taste, hear and meet the real Kyrgyz food, music and hospitality. All decorated by the...
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In the first and only 5-star hotel in Shymkent there is the amazing restaurant Kazakhasia. This, as its name may already indicate,...
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Ziyafet Steak House

If, as we are, you are a meat eater and also a Turkish food lover, Ziyafet is definitely the place to go...
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Famous Dave’s

You can meet Famous Dave’s cuisine and his famous team in the two restaurants they have in Abu Dhabi or, as we...
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Masira Island Resort

A little oasis in the north of the unspoiled and wild Masirah, this resort is probably the best choice for a comfortable...
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