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The caves of Can Riera, the little catalan Antelope Canyon in the province of Barcelona

After spending more than 6 years living abroad and getting to know dozens of countries, I realized when I came back that I didn’t know Spain at all and not much more Catalonia. I got down to work and instead of traveling to faraway places, in the last months I have dedicated myself to visiting here close by throughout Catalonia and also a little of Aragon and southern France, since geographically is what is closest to Barcelona.

¡Here with part of the mountain team!


The site I’m going to talk about today has been on my bucket list for a long time, but for one reason or another, I didn’t go there until last weekend when I finally visited it. I’m talking about the Caves of Can Riera, which are in Torrelles de Llobregat, very close to Begues, where I did all my primary education. And as I told you, I had not been there yet.

So yeah, shame on me… But now let’s get to it!



    What exactly is there?

The caves of Can Riera, also called coves Puig Vicenç (as you will find them in Maps.me) or rocas de Can Riera (as you will find them in Google Maps) are caves that are in a small mountain and that have been formed due to erosion caused by water and wind through time.

They are really characteristic for the red color of their rocks and of the clay that is everywhere, as well as for their unbelievable forms, undulations and holes that you find in all their caves.

Can Riera is commonly compared, with due respect to the obvious differences, to the mythical Antelope canyon of Arizona.


    How to get there?

Torrelles is a small municipality in the region of Baix Llobregat, which is about 20 kilometers from Barcelona and is also known for having the theme park “Catalunya en Miniatura”.

If you want to visit the caves of Can Riera, the truth is that you will have to do it with your own vehicle because unless you take public transport to Torrelles and once there you leave the village and walk on your own foot to where the road begins, you will not be able to get there.

There are two points from which you usually start walking to reach the caves: One to the west and the other to the north of the town.

We wanted to start from the one in the west, so we left Torrelles and went down the street of Raval Mas, also called Primera Avinguda, until it forks, where you have to take the street on the right, which is, in fact, a dead end where you can leave the car and start walking.

The other starting point to the caves I do not know it personally, but what I have been told you have to get to “Plaça dels països catalans” of Torrelles and take the trail next to Can Roig sports center.


    Caves and trails

You can take different paths both to get there and to go around the area. On the path we took, there are only a couple of kilometers with a 150-meter slope to the caves, while on the one that starts at Can Roig sports center there are about 3.5 kilometers and a little more slope than on the first.

¡Very good fruits of arbutus on the way!


The road is really easy to follow, but is not very well signposted, especially once you have reached the caves, so it is highly recommended to use a GPS. The maps of Maps.me of this area will be of great help to you since they are very complete and there you will be able to see in situ all the possible paths that you have around you.

Exploring the caves :)


Once in the caves, to move between them the trails are already smaller, steep (in some cases you will have to help yourself with your hands to climb) and you will have to dodge large cactus that you will find on the sides of the road. From the same caves you will already have a pretty nice view of the Baix Llobregat region but if you want an even better one, you can climb to the highest peak in the area, Puig Vicenç, which is less than a kilometer away from the caves.

If you feel like jumping like a goat between stones and through the caves, you’d better wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty, because due to the reddish dust you’ll end up quite dirty.

Views to Baix Llobregat


Anyway, if you come to Barcelona or Catalonia for a few days, maybe you don’t need to, but if your stay is going to be long or you even live here, I highly recommend you to visit these unknown but impressive caves that I have always had here next to home, and I didn’t enjoy until a couple of days ago!

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