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Discover the hidden beauty of Laos: Kong Lor

Fresh and emerald water, shining fishes, chirping birds, a wonderful landscape and a natural cave to explore is everything you will find in Kong Lor. Usually skipped by the tourists because it’s a little out of the way, in a country as Laos where the nature is the undisputed star, Tham Kong Lo is one of the places that we liked the most in our route and you shouldn’t miss also in yours.

It is located in the Phu Hin Bun National Park and already the way that you will pass by from Ban Nahin village to reach the cave is simply wonderful. A large valley is extended between two high and steep chains of mountains that enclose the scenery of Laos rural life, with extended rice fields alternating with tipical houses and animals running through the roads.

Once you get to the end of the street it will appear in front of you a quiet river with blue water, women along the banks washing clothes and kids jumping in the water, playing all around and climbing trees to pick some fruits up, so for you now there is nothing else to do than sit and relax under a tree enjoying the place.

If you have a tent with you do not hesitate to use it since you will not find a better place than this to pitch it. We spent three nights camping next to the river, and let me tell you, that was way better than staying in any other possible accommodation. Waking up in the morning with the sun rising behind the mountains and with a regenerating bath in the fresh water, simply amazing.

Now let’s speak about the big attraction that brought us until this wonderful place, the Kong Lor Cave. After a little walk, hidden between the trees there is the entrance to the cave, seven kilometers of a sneaking tunnel in the total darkness with only the boatman light guiding your way, through the rocks and the small rapids.

The cost for the boat trip is 100.000kip, with an extra of 10.000kip for each person on board. In the beginning we were a little skeptical about it, thinking that it would be just a brand new attraction for the tourist to spend a little more money, but not that interesting. In the end we convinced ourselves to go to explore the cave and we have to say that was totally worth it.

To cross all the cave in one way it should take you around one hour without stopping, but this is not going to happen since only after few minutes sailing you will reach a big room illuminated by feeble colorful lights. Here they will drop you on the bank and you will have some time to spend walking around and admiring the incredible formations that the nature created in centuries, such as stalagmites and stalactites.

After this short walk, the boat will pick you up and will go straight ahead again in the dark cave. Once the mountain ends it will be like getting out from the center of the earth and in front of you will appear an amazing view on a hidden valley, characterized of super green nature and high mountains overlooking on the river. This paradise is the last stop of the trip, where after having some time to walk around and chill a little, before that your eyes get used again to the sunlight will be time for the way back.

At maximum the little river wooden boat can bring up to three people, without counting the driver. But do not think that you will just stay sitting comfortably in the boat during all the way, because in fact, moreover in the dry season, which actually is the best period to visit the cave, from time to time you will need to step out of the boat and help the boatman to push it after the shallows.
So bring with you good shoes to walk in the water, an extra headlight and spirit of adventure to be ready to set sail and venture into the Kong Lor Cave.

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  1. I never would have thought abut camping there and it’s so beautiful! I know someone that spends half her time her in the states and the other in Laos. I would love to go someday.

    1. whereyounowjordi

      You definitely should go to Laos! It’s so beautiful, moreover because it is still not so touristic and if you step out from the big cities you will find nothing but nature.

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