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Follow Essaouira’s strong wind and get lost in its corners

When we are travelling we always find some quarter, city, natural park or whatever that nobody talked that much about it and that we fell in love with. Maybe it is not the most beautiful thing that we will have seen in the trip, but once we finish it, we will remember about it with special illusion because it was a surprise we found on the way. This happens to me constantly, so I will start writing a section with these surprises I find on my way and if anytime you are close to one of them, you should try and not forget to pass by it!

Basically, what I was saying is what happened with Essaouira.
This is a small fishing town located in the west of Morocco, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and that, of course, it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Even being less than 200km away from Marrakesh, looks like we are in another country or even another continent. The town, given the fact that it has a white and blue touch, makes you remember more about any town in any Greek island (with all due respect to Chaouen, that is the “Greek-est” town from Morocco by far) and the port and the wall that circles the old town, makes you think more about important ports like the one in Saint-Malo in the North of France, and it is quite logic, since in the end both of them were designed by the same person.

The town is small and easy and fast to visit. In one hand we have the port, that has so high fishing activity and where you will see way more workers than tourists. Going ahead we will find the entrance of the fortress and the ‘Skala du port’. This will offer us an amazing panoramic view between the fortified town and the ocean and its huge waves crashing against the rocks. Once inside we will find the Medina (old town) that is very small and really welcoming, the walls full of cannons to protect the city, the old Jewish quarter (Mellah) that is half destroyed and half reused by Muslims. If to all this, you add another ‘Skala’ in other part of the city, kilometric beaches and an incredible sunset, since there is no more than ocean to the west, here you have all the reasons of why this little city surprised me so much.

In order to finish, I just want to add that I was there passing by only one day and, even if I could see it pretty much everything, I would totally recommend to spend a night there to enjoy the evening and another day in this magical town.

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