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The experience of floating in the Dead Sea… Unbelievable!

Shortly after starting this long adventure, when we took the flight from Turkey to go to Jordan, we did not have a closed plan but there were a couple of things that we knew beforehand that we had to do no matter what. Petra, Jerusalem and Bethlehem were some of the nearby places that attracted us a lot, but another one that could not be missed was the Dead Sea and check on our own flesh if all that is said about how impossible it is to sink there is true… And not only it is, but the sensation is awesome!


    Let’s locate it

The dead sea, ironically, is neither a sea nor it’s exactly dead.

It is in fact a lake of about 800km2 that is a little more than 400 meters below sea level, thus being the Earth’s lowest elevation on land. It is located between Israel, the West Bank and Jordan and is known worldwide for its high salinity.

To the left, one of the many signboards with instructions. On the right, a rock full of dry salt.

Except artemias and different kinds of microorganisms, no living thing lives in it. This occurs because of the high salinity of the lake, which will cause the high density of its waters to exert a higher push than the density of the sea. What would be translated as there is no way you can sink into its waters by yourself! As much as you do not want to, you will simply float.


    Float effortlessly

Yes, definitely being in the Dead Sea you will float even if you do not want to. No matter what you do you will not be able to sink. You can take a newspaper or a book and go with the typical photo of you reading it lying in the water. Or, in fact, you can read it for real, because no matter how long you are floating in the water you will not get tired at all since you are not making any effort. Can you imagine how relaxing it can be? It’s like lying in the sand but in the water!

Of course, be very careful that this water does not even approach the area of your eyes. I’m not talking about immersing yourself in the water, which would be something like committing suicide, but something as simple as closing your eyelid and scratching your eye. When you reopen it, you’ll almost cry for a few minutes! Obviously, much worse will be if you have a small wound.


Eugenia taking a little nap in the water :)


On the shore the most common image is also to find all tourists and locals muddied like Rambo. It is very common to spread on your face and throughout all the body the black mud that is in the sand under the water. This, as they say, contains many nutritional minerals that are very beneficial to the skin.


    The new moneymaker

We visited the Dead Sea on the side of Jordan and the truth is that they have made a big business with the fame that has acquired this lake.

The coast of the lake is either already full of resorts and hotels or is under construction building even new ones. Many of them have several pools or other more simple ones have little more than some sunbeds and showers, although if you travel with low budget, all will be a little expensive. Even the same public resort that has the state, where the price for foreigners is almost the same as the one of the private resorts.


It cost us but in the end we found this piece of coast without buildings!


If you feel like relaxing in one of them, you should only choose one, pay the entrance and enter to spend the day. If you just want to spend some time by the Dead Sea and do not want to pay the entrance to the resort, you can do what in the end we did. We walked until we found one of the resorts under construction and quietly entered down to the coast of the Dead Sea, from where we could enjoy this characteristic lake completely for free.

But if you are finally going on your own, remember to take along a good pair of water bottles. One, to hydrate you, that you will need it under the strong sun of Middle East. And the second, in case you end up getting some salt water in the eyes, that you will see that the fastest and most effective solution will be to empty half a bottle in the affected eyes!

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