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Exploring Pai with a motorbike

Backpacker destination, in the north of Thailand, that is worth a visit during your stay in the country is Pai. Choose a hostel, leave the backpack, rent a motorbike and start exploring the surrounding area.


Due to that Pai is in the middle of the mountains; rivers and waterfalls are one of the best attractions of the area, so the best period to visit is during the rainy season, when the nature is super green and the rivers are full of water.


The most known waterfalls are Mor Paeng and Pam Bok, both of them around 8 kilometers away from the center. Once you reach them, you can just find a nice spot where to put your towel and spend the day swimming in the river and taking sun.


In any case, even during dry season Pai has its charm, moreover for those who cannot resist the lure of bending the unexplored roads that rest in the middle of the mountains, just waiting for a crazy motorcyclist who will drive through them.


    Chinese village

Curious and characteristic, surely a different place to visit is Shiandicun , that is one of the three Chinese villages developed on the Thai territory.


There you can walk through the park with a small river and lake, all surrounded by reproductions of Chinese’s houses built with mud and straw. Before or after you have tasted some Chinese dishes and tea, take some time to visit the little, but interesting museum, where you will find explained all the history and the origin of the village.


Between everything the most shocking thing that you will notice once you step inside, is that almost anybody speaks Thai, but only Chinese and a little bit of English, of course due to the tourism.

    Kong Lan

At least for us, Kong Lan canyon was definitely the highlight of Pai. Along the canyon you can follow different paths, to walk around all the area and in some point, will be fun to climb up and down the rocks.


The best moment to visit is during the sunset, even if gets full of visitors, searching a little you will be able to find the perfect spot where to enjoy the sunset in peace. You and the nature, nothing else! Absolutely amazing.


    Farm and Land Split

Something undoubtedly uncommon to see it is the Land Split. This big crevasse in the soil was formed by an earthquake in 2008, and since than every time that there are seismic activities the crack gets larger and deeper.


This site is worth a visit especially for the organic farm that is settled right next to it.
The owners will be really happy to guide you around their land and explain you all about it. Moreover contributing with a free donation, you will have the possibility to taste their fresh roselle juice and different products of their farm, such as bananas, papaya, sweet potatoes, etc…



Like all over Thailand and Southeast Asia in general, you will find many temples also in this valley. Due to the view that you can have over Pai and the mountains, in particular at the sunset, the most famous temples are Wat Prathat Mae Yen, know as well as temple on the hill, and the Big White Sitting Buddha. If you drive few kilometers at the north of the city, less known, but worth of a visit you will find Wat Sri Donchai that is the first temple of the city, built around 800 years ago.

There are others attractions that we didn’t visit travelling around Pai, that you may want to check out. For example, if you are looking for a relaxing day you can head to the hot spring, or in case you want more adventure you can choose to visit Lod Cave located about 30 kilometers out of the city and also the famous memorial bridge situated not so far from the canyon.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your motorbike, step on the gas and get lost between the beautiful nature and the temples surrounding this little and charming town.

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