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Discover the Palestinian quintessential sweet: Knafi

If I have to choose a sweet among all the ones I ate in the last months in the Middle East, with the permission of the Turkish ones, I will say without hesitation this cheesecake soaked in sugar syrup and rose water, which although being originally from Palestine, currently you can enjoy it in all the countries of the Levant. Let’s get to it then!


    Original name: Kunafah ( كنافة )

    Colloquial name: Knafi

    Country of origin: Palestinian Territories

    Region of Origin: Nablus



  • Semolina dough
  • Butter
  • Soft white cheese
  • Sugar syrup
  • Rose water
  • Pistachios (optional)


    How it’s done:

The dough is heated in butter (or margarine or palm oil) and then above this is extended soft white cheese, such as Nabulsi cheese, and covered again with more dough. Minutes before the cooking is complete, you should add sugar syrup, water and a few drops of rose water. Finally, and as optional, you can also add crushed pistachios on top as a garnish.



  • Na’ama: This is the most common and is simply done with semolina dough.
  • Khishnah: In this variant, instead of mass, long strands of noodles are put on top and the result is the one you can see in the picture that heads the post.
  • Mhayara: This is the variant that combines the two previous.


    Approximate price:

      3 NIS / Unity
      ( 0.70 € / Unity )


❱❱❱ Recommendation: Read here where to eat the best Knafi around Amman.  ❰❰❰


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