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That walking down any city in Turkey you could fill yourself up eating at any street stall for peanuts I knew, but not that there was that much diversity. I tried thousand street meals that I loved, but this was one of the most.

    Country of origin: Turkey

    Region: Anatolia



  • Potato.
  • Butter.
  • Kaşar cheese.


    How it’s done:

Basically it’s just cooking a big aluminum wrapped baked potato and when done, is cut in half and the middle part is mixed and stirred with unsalted butter and Kaşar cheese.



Although the typical single kumpir takes only these few ingredients, it is so common to mix it with all kinds of food such as olives, mushrooms, frankfurt strips, onion, cucumber, carrot, corn, Russian salad, etc and is commonly mixed with mayonnaise, ketchup and/or iogurt.


    Approximate price:

      5 TL / unity
      ( ≈ 1.66 € / unity )


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