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Everyone knows about Italian pizza but… What about piadina romagnola?

Having an Italian girlfriend makes that every time I visit her family I go back home with a few extra kilos. This past week I’ve been here. And we all know about pizza, lasagna, carbonara, bolognese and the rest, but what about the piadina from Romagna? I did not know it until I stepped in Forlì the first time, and now every time I come they wait for me with some of them cooked!

    Original name: Piê / Pìda

    Country of origin: Italy

    Region: Romagna



  • Wheat flour.
  • Lard or olive oil.
  • Salt.
  • Water.


    How to cook it:

The dough is prepared mixing all the ingredients, letting it stand and then flatten it, leave it in a circle shape and just cook it. Formerly it was cooked on a terracotta dish called Teggia, but today it is done on a metal plate called Testo.


    Local variants:

In the same region of Romagna, it is made more or less thick depending on the area. Being so, the piadina of Forlì, Cesena and Ravenna is quite thick while Rimini is much thinner.


    Other cooking ways:


    The crescione is a variant of the piadina that before being cooked, the dough is filled and closed. Historically the most typical was stuffed with herbs, because it was the cheapest option, but nowadays it is more common to fill it with tomato and mozzarella or potato and pumpkin.


      Fried piadina

    In this case, the piadina is cut into small rhombus and it is fried with olive oil until it widens. Then it is filled with any kind of fresh cheese, the most widely used is squacquerone, and is eaten before it gets cold.

Finally just say that the normal piadina, as crescione and fried piadina, are usually mixed with prosciutto cotto, sausages, onion, sausage, cheese or vegetables, and even jam or Nutella.


    Piadina’s approximate price: 1 € / unity

    Crescione’s approximate price: 3 € / unity

    Fried piadina’s approximate price: 2 € / unity


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