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Abba Café


City Siem Reap
Country Cambodia
Address Rambutan Lane
Telephone (+855) 16 706 700
E-mail rockyangkor@gmail.com
As you may know by now, Eugenia and me are big food fans but a way bigger fans of having real conversations and at Abba café we had the pleasure to have them both.

We tried the set menu, which includes big samples of few Khmer and Japanese dishes and the signature drink. The plates that you will taste ordering the menu are fried spring rolls, so crispy and combined with a spicy sauce, seasonal mango salad, cleared vegetarian soup, amok fish (my favorite!) and chicken teriyaki.

After this, they will bring you a glass filled with seasonal fruits seasoned with orange juice, the perfect dessert to complete your meal. Of course let’s not forget, that all this is accompanied as we said with the signature drink, a coffee-flavored cocktail that we loved!

So, we enjoyed the food, the drink and the place, but what we appreciated the most was the reason behind the decision to open this restaurant. Abba, before, was just the name of the sport group of the current owners of the restaurant, that willing to help the local children, decided to open this café. And thanks to that, now they are able to donate the 30% of the profit to the charity weekly.

Moreover they told us that all the staff that works in the café, are local young guys who just started with them knowing nothing about the business. They trained them all, step by step, until reaching the professional service level that they can offer nowadays.

So you know, if being at Siem Reap you want to have a nice dinner and at the same time, help the local community, Abba café is definitely the place to go.