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Anhor AS


City Tashkent
Country Uzbekistan
Address 35, Mirabad St.
Telephone (+998) 91 133 38 22
Looking for some real national food in the capital of Uzbekistan? While being in Tashkent, we had the pleasure to try it in Anhor AS Restaurant, where they serve unique and exclusively Uzbek traditional food.

The place is located quite in the center, it’s full of tables always crowded with local people and its name comes from the small river that crosses the city, Anhor, and the two letters of the name of the owner, Alisher, abbreviated to AS.

Here we tried the main national dish, Plov, cooked by the same owner Alisher. It was not at all the first time we ate it, since we had tried it in other parts of the city and in other Central Asian countries, but I have to say that it was the best one I’ve ever tried!

Accompanying the plov, there was a simple salad of onion and tomato, and to drink we got some imported beer.

We concluded the meal having different kinds of fruits such as watermelon, grapes and apricots, and of course drinking hot tea to make all the food go down.

July 2017