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Badgir Hostel


City Yazd
Country Iran
Address No 3, shirgholami alley, shahid rajaei st.
Telephone (+98) 9133733251
E-mail hostelbadgir@gmail.com

Welcome to Badgir Hostel that actually means ‘wind tower’, taking inspiration from the city where is located, Yazd. That as they told us, is known in Iran as the wind towers city.

The hostel is still a work in progress since the two friends Mostafa and Shahrad opened it barely five months ago. Anyhow, everything as we experienced works good already, the only pity was the rooftop that even if you can have a nice view on the city and the mountains, it’s still totally under construction.

The common area is the garden in the middle of the old house where the hostel is located. They are renewing it by themselves step by step, but already there are comfortable sofas, typical benches were to relax and also some games to pass the time as darts, ping pong and chess. Let’s not forget to say that there is also hot water available 24/7 to make a tea and you can have the possibility to chill smoking shisha or otherwise decide to book a tour to the desert or in the city itself.

In the morning you will have included breakfast, even if you are sleeping in the dorm or in the private room. It is a buffet and quite complete, we particularly loved the lentils soup.

To conclude, for women moreover you will be happy to know that in the hostel you are free not to wear the hijab and to dress as you feel more comfortable, also with shorts, t-shirt or dress. Really a relieve after all day covered!

April 2017