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Ethno Cafe Dastorkon


City Karakol
Country Kyrgyzstan
Address 107, Prjevalskogo st.
Telephone (+996) 555 400 270
E-mail dastorkon.cafe@gmail.com

Welcome to Dastorkon cafe where you will taste, hear and meet the real Kyrgyz food, music and hospitality. All decorated by the owner Aigul with attention to the details, from the plates painted by a local artist and representing the Kyrgyz culture, to the recreation in the ceiling of Yurt’s roof. Definitely, a warm and familiar environment where to taste some local food, combined with traditional music playing in the background.

Of course, any respected Kyrgyz meal can not begin without some hot tea, so ask for your tea pot and after start to check the menu for your favorite dish or to discover new tastes. The menu has a wide selection of plates from the appetizers to the desserts, also with vegetarian options available.

After some boorsoq, traditional fried bread, dipped in the natural and homemade honey, we started our meal with a couple of salads, one cold and one hot. We both loved the warm salad ‘Yurta’ prepared with so tender calf meat and fried vegetables, whole garnished with a tasty sauce.

Following the entree, being near Issik-Kul lake, we had to try at least a dish with the trout locally fished. So we had a re-interpretation of the Russian soup Ukha, and definitely was the right choice considering that the fish was absolutely delicious.

Getting to the main courses there are that many options that will be difficult to pick one, that’s why we tasted a few of them. We had mushuro, a typical meat preparation of the Dungan tribe and of course couldn’t miss on the table the national Kyrgyz dish, the beshbarmak, noodles with boiled and finely chopped horse meat and with on top also some kazy, sausage of horse meat. Definitely my favorite. Instead, for Jordi the highlight of the dinner was the Turkish lamb with onion and adjika sauce, not just for the flavors but because he enjoys nibbling the meat from the bones.

If in the end of the meal you don’t have more space for dessert, to help to digest you can have some Kyrgyz cognac with some black chocolate. A perfect conclusion for a rich and nice meal.

July 2017