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Free Whirling Dervishes Show


City Istanbul
Country Turkey
Address Canfeda Cami Sokak, Dervişali Mahallesi, Fatih
Website -

When you go to Turkey you know that one of the cultural events that should see it or yes are the Dervish dancers, a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This is an ancient tradition, from the Persian culture, where a ceremony is done and to get closer to their god they sing, pray and some dance giving endless turns on themselves.

Although the natural place to see this show in Turkey is Konya, walking through Istanbul you will see thousands of ads to go to see this show, costing between 20 and 30 € per person, where you’ll find several passes per day, because after all it is already a business for them. However, not everyone does it for money, but many of them continue to hold this ceremony for themselves. So in the heart of Istanbul I found this wonderful place where once a week they pray, play instruments, sing and Dervish dance and you can assist completely for free.

To attend you just have to be there any Monday at 9 pm, get carried away by its celebration and know that it will finish when all of them have sung, prayed and danced as much as they consider it necessary.