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Grill Wine Café


City Siem Reap
Country Cambodia
Address No.54, Sivatha boulevard
Telephone (+855) 69 993 888
E-mail dining@grillwinecafe.com
In a chilling atmosphere with friendly and attentive staff, Grill Wine Café is a nice place where to hang out in company of your friends.

Their list of cocktails is so complete. With more than 60 combinations, everyone’s taste will be satisfied. Besides the traditional cocktails that you can find in any other bar, they have their own creations. Among their cocktails, we advise to try the one named 7-Wonder, a whisky based drink, even thought the taste is not so strong. It would be also curious to try a shot named Angkor 5 Towers. If you order it, they will bring you a glass with 5 levels marked by different coluros. At this point they will light the top one up and you will have to drink it fast with the straw, all in one sip.

But if you are not the kind of person who enjoys alcohol from time to time, don’t worry, they have also a lot of alcohol-free drinks. Eugenia took a pineapple and mango smoothie and it was really nice and refreshing.

Of course you can also accompany your drink with something to eat here. You can grab just a fast snack or enjoy a proper meal. Also the food menu is quite vast, including a big variety of dishes starting from Khmer traditional ones to western recipes. One of their specialties are the Khmer spice sausages. These are so tasty and you will not find them anywhere else, since the meat stuffed inside is seasoned by themselves. You should definitely try them!

Another Khmer traditional dish that you can taste here is the wedding plate. Actually the name explains exactly its origin. It is the usual starter dish in the Cambodian weddings and it’s a combination of samples of different dishes, such as spicy pork, pickles, spicy chicken, peanuts and chips.

Definitely at Grill Wine Café you can such a great time in a comfortable environment, just few steps away from the center.