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Le Planteur


City Yangon
Country Myanmar
Address 80 University Avenue
Telephone +951 514 230
E-mail info@leplanteur.net

Recently proclaimed as best French restaurant of Myanmar, Le Planteur is well known among tourists, expats and the local community. Not just for the food, but also for the great and wide variety of their wine collection.

The structure of the restaurant is nice and suitable for any kind of guests. Starting from the ones that prefer a more rustic and informal environment, who can find it dinning at the bistro, to the guests looking for a more sophisticated experience, they all are more than welcome at Le Planteur Gourmet Restaurant.

Personally, we felt more at ease eating in the bistro, not too formal. Placed outside, with the tables under the lodge at the light of the candles at night and with a good view on the lake at lunch. Even if you consider eating here, you will have the possibility to choose your courses from both menus, the fine dining and the bistro. We found so original and different the presentation of the bistro menu, printed and served like a newspaper. Really nice!

To have a complete idea of the food that Le Planteur can offer you, is better to pick different courses from both menus. Jordi in particular was conquered by the fish preparations that we tried. The wasabi ice cream, definitely innovative, combined with sashimi and tartar of red tuna. And the main course of gourmet food, moreover for the so tender and tasty fillet of cod fish, the star of the plate. On the other hand, I appreciated the most the meat dishes. The foie gras with pear chutney, simply delicious, so soft that the meat literally melts in your mouth. And to conclude, I found really good also the soup of carrot and ginger, delicate flavors but sharp taste.

So you know, if you are visiting Yangon and feel like having the best french food you will have in all the country, do not hesitate to pass by Le Planteur.