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New Park Hotel


City Nyaung-U
Country Myanmar
Address Thiripyitsaya Block No.4
Telephone (+95) 61 60322
E-mail newparkbagan@gmail.com

Located in Nyaung-U, New Park Hotel can be an option for your stay while visiting the city of Old Bagan. Opened already 20 years ago, with just few rooms available back in the moment, nowadays can offer three different kinds of accommodations, up to your budget and choice.

The rooms are simple, all with private bathroom, AC or fan and in the morning breakfast is included. If you would like some more space in the room, with a little private balcony in front where you can chill, and a flat screen TV in the room, the standard one should be your choice. Personally we think that the economy room, even if it’s a little smaller and with less accessories, as quality price relation is the best choice, since in any case you will spend most of your time visiting around and not inside of the room.

The breakfast is not so varied, but it’s nice that the staff as soon as they see you with an empty plate or glass they come to you asking if you would like a little more. So even if it’s simple you can get really full after all.

Once you finish eating, in order to go to visit the temples of Bagan, in the hotel itself they have available a rental service of bicycles and e-bike.