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Pegaso Tour Agency


City Cholpon-Ata
Country Kyrgyzstan
Telephone 0772 45 99 01
E-mail pegaso@mail.ru
From the passion and career as horse-jockey, around twenty years ago Tatiana decided to open a tour agency.

Everything started just with horses lessons, walks and tours, but nowadays thanks also to the help of her daughter with the organization and of her son with the horses, Pegaso Tour Agency can offer much more than just horse activities. Excursions of one day (hiking, with car or horse riding), tours also of 3/4 days around the most known localities of Issik-Kul Lake, boat trips, picnic and folkloric activities.

The agency is based in Cholpon-Ata, but eventually, as we did, you can join the tour also starting from another city on the itinerary. Just agree on the place and time where to catch them, don’t be late and it is done.

We had a day tour between Karakol and Jetty-Oguz canyon. In the city we visited the Trinity orthodox church and the Dungan mosque, with a coffee break in a nice cafe in the center and after we moved to the canyon. The day went really great even though started with a heavy rain.

After a fast stop to take some pictures of the rock named ‘broken heart’ and ordering our lunch in some yurta on the way, we started visiting the canyon. We began with a little hike between the red mountains typical of the area and we had the first stop at the famous ‘seven bulls’, which are seven red mountains dominating over the green valley. While we were resting a little, a couple of guys came to us handing us a beautiful falcon and eagle to take pictures with.

Once back on the minivan we headed to the flower valley, from where we started our hike to the waterfall. The way was absolutely wonderful with amazing views from along all the path. Just make sure to keep up with Tatiana stride, she is so dynamic and full of energy.

After the trekking, we went back to the yurta to have the lunch and the food was good, traditional and for a fair price. To conclude the tour there will be a possibility to go to the spa center in Cholpon-Ata to relax a little. We skipped it because we stopped in Karakol on the way back.

July 2017