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Silk Road Explore


City Bishkek
Country Kyrgyzstan
Address 28 Minbulakskiy Lane
Telephone +996 550 914 408
E-mail info@silkroadexplore.com
Silk Road Explore is an online portal that hosts different kinds of tours of diverse agencies mainly from Kyrgyzstan, but also from other Central Asian countries, Iran, China and the Transcaucasian region.

Behind this project of promoting the beauties of Kyrgyzstan and helping tourists to discover them, there are three young guys, named Evgenia, Andrei and Dinara, all of them born in different parts of the country.

To know Silk Road Explore better, we had the pleasure to go in a one-day tour to explore Ala-Archa National Park, right in the outskirts of Bishkek, in the company of Evgenia and Andrei. They came to pick us up at our hotel in the morning and from there the adventure started.

After the short car ride, we entered in the reserve and they proposed us three different possible treks to choose and we decided to hike on the way to the memorial for the alpinists, climbers, and in general people who lived and loved the mountains. The path actually was not so long, but since I had some stomachache from the night before, it took us longer than planned. Anyhow, Andrei and Evgenia were so helpful and understanding of my situation, waiting for me and handing me some medicine and hot tea to make me feel better.

Along the way the views on the valley and the river were really amazing and we had the luck also to encounter a couple of wild beavers. Once we reached the memorial, it gave to the four of us a peaceful sensation. I found really interesting to visit that place, so I highly advise to do so to anyone going to Ala-Archa. Being there under the high trees forest, hearing just the sounds of the birds and the wind between the leafs, simply marvelous. After we made our way down we went a little more inside the valley and after walking a little more, spotting some squirrels along the way, we had the picnic that they prepared for us, followed by the way back home.

Both of them are so nice guys and not only they have a long experience in the tourist sector, but also they can explain a lot about their country and culture. We definitely enjoyed talking with them and what we liked the most was to hear, and moreover feel it in their voices, the pure passion about what they are doing. When they decided to open Silk Road Explore, it was not just for the business, but for love towards their country and joy in showing its wonders to the world.

June 2017