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Taj Restaurant


City Dushanbe
Country Tajikistan
Address Rudaki Avenue 81
Telephone +992 93 869 4154
E-mail Tajrajminsk@yahoo.co.in

Taj restaurant is characterized by an intimate and familiar atmosphere, that combined with the research and the care to the details in the decorations makes it an elegant place, but not pretentious, suitable for family dinners, celebrations and business meetings. From the outside, due to some government’s restriction, may not be so catchy but surely it’s worth to step inside to enjoy a delicious Indian meal.

Located on the Rudaki Avenue in the heart of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, this restaurant can offer you a great taste of Mughlai food, the north Indian cuisine. It’s appropriate, of course for vegetarians, but also for meat-eaters, since it offers a wide menu able to please different tastes. As well, really important, they ask your spicy preference to avoid that your mouth burns, allowing you then to savor any plate.

It was a long time that we did not eat Indian food, which we like so much by the way, and certainly Taj restaurant satisfied in an excellent way our craving for Indian cuisine. While waiting for the main dishes we had a crunchy appetizer with a try of sauces to dunk the bread in, that we used also for some of the following plates. My favorite sauce was the one with mint flavor!

The first course was tandoori meat kasan, a recommended choice to taste different dishes at once. It was served directly on a hot slab to keep warm the mix of tandoori meat and there were four different kinds of them: seekh kebab, the only one done with mutton meat and the other three all chicken based, malai tikka, that I personally loved it, barra kebab and tandoori chicken, Jordi’s favorite.

As second dish we had the butter chicken with rice, to my taste really delicious, with so tender chicken and flavorful sauce. And for the happiness of Jordi we concluded the meal with one of his favorite desserts all over the world, gulab jamun.

Thanks to the true passion of the owner Vishal, the attentive staff and the delightful food, cooked by Indian chefs, we assure a great experience at Taj restaurant.

September 2017