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Thirigayhar Restaurant


City Kalaw
Country Myanmar
Address No. 7, Main Road
Telephone (+95) 81 50 216

What started as a little business selling breakfast more than 20 years ago, turned out to be the most successful restaurant in Kalaw.

Thirigayhar, also known as 7 sisters, is a restaurant owned and run by a Burmese family. Located in the main road of Kalaw, where their grandfather constructed by himself a wooden house many decades ago, today you will be able to enjoy not only Shan cuisine, but also Burmese, Indian, Chinese and western. Complete, isn’t it?

Being hungry as we were and with that many different cuisines, we couldn’t stop ourselves from trying as many dishes as we could! We got Chicken Tikka Masala with fried mix vegetables from the Indian part. Grilled chicken with potatoes from the European. Until now everything was tasty and so good, but what came after is what made this restaurant unique: their Shan cuisine.

We tried the Peanut Soup with mustard leaves. Then coconut rice to eat with what ended up being my favorite, Fish wrapped and steamed in banana leaves. And to conclude the most characteristic one that was also Eugenia’s favorite, Zat byat byat, spicy beef meat with vegs, cooked in an awesome way. Really delicious!

All this dishes were perfectly accompanied by a Red Mountain Estate wine produced in Inle Lake region, and a cup of tea in the end. The dining experience will be even more pleasant, due to the location. A beautifully decorated house in Burmese style, all painted in green, in tribute to the Irish origin of their grandfather.