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Taj Restaurant

Taj restaurant is characterized by an intimate and familiar atmosphere, that combined with the research and the care to the details in...
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Marco Polo Restaurant

Taking place at the rooftop of the Orient Hotel, located higher than any other building around, Marco Polo Restaurant will give you,...
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Nancy’s Kitchen

Malaysia is a big mix of cultures and consequently of cuisines too. One of the most known cuisines is the so-called Baba...
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Diamond Ring Pure Veg Indian Restaurant

It’s curious to see how sometimes roots get stuck to families even after passing many many years outside of their native country....
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Rang Mahal

After having spent four months traveling in India I think we can say that the best Indian food we ever tried in...
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Pupil Food Court

Walking through the outskirts of Chennai, close to Elliot beach, we found this fast food restaurant, where we ate a delicious vegetable...
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Al Habib

When one travels several months in India, almost always ends up becoming a vegetarian, basically because is what you see daily. Usually,...
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Dhanraj Ranmal Bhatia

In Jaisalmer there is a sweet that you can’t find in any other place in India. Its name is Gothua, a little...
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Rathore Restaurant

I think that the best way to judge a restaurant is tasting the simpler food that they can have, so being in...
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Mishrimal sweet shop

One of the most known indian sweet is Lassi, you can find it everywhere all over India, but the best one I...
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