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Local Food

Tiflis Restaurant

Tiflis restaurant opened its doors many years ago, to be more accurate exactly seventeen, and as the name suggests is specialized in...
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Yeti Hostel

Looking for a brand new hostel to stay in Dushanbe? Definitely check out Yeti Hostel because this may be the one you...
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Sonya tours & B&B

Thanks to the guide of Yacob we had the pleasure to discover the beautiful land of artisans, Fergana valley. After a rich...
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Anhor AS

Looking for some real national food in the capital of Uzbekistan? While being in Tashkent, we had the pleasure to try it...
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Pegaso Tour Agency

From the passion and career as horse-jockey, around twenty years ago Tatiana decided to open a tour agency. Everything started just with...
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Ethno Cafe Dastorkon

Welcome to Dastorkon cafe where you will taste, hear and meet the real Kyrgyz food, music and hospitality. All decorated by the...
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Marco Polo Restaurant

Taking place at the rooftop of the Orient Hotel, located higher than any other building around, Marco Polo Restaurant will give you,...
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Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle

We are about to do something we have never done before: Write a review about a place we’ve not tried ourselves! If...
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Would you like to spend a day in the outback of Bali, a little away from the common tourist sights, experiencing the...
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Take Me Tour

TakeMeTour is a new start-up from Thailand, that gives the tourists the possibility to participate at different kind of tours, organized by...
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